Autumn or Fall, it’s the best of them all.

My weekend was spent driving. And driving. And now I’m almost out of gas. I took more photos this weekend then I have in a long time. I divided my day between Mud Lake road and C-Side. I’m test driving a new camera and I LOVE it. I’m definitely putting it on my ‘to buy’ list for tax time, haha.

Did anyone catch the harvest moon last night? It was amazing. I spent a good half an hour at the dock just sat down by my car looking at it. It was like one giant diamond in the sky. I didn’t bring my camera, so the only shot I have is through Instagram which is not nearly the same.

Well enjoy the photos, I might come back and write more later if I feel inspired. Going to get some star photos tonight if I can. Keep it real ❤


Wet touch.

Liquid lines around the shore;

Wet touch.

A stranger until we’re in danger.

Light dances across the water –

following a plane.

Seven lights blink, not in sync, broken across the bay.

The smell of tobacco stains the air.

Breathing-in and out-heart unmatched; rhythm.

Toe tapping.

Gravel scraping.

A headlight shines through the musk of night.

Laughter cranes the atmosphere, just hanging, hoping.

Hands throw gestures in the sky.

What am I missing?

A passenger seat glance.

An eight-ball’s chance.

Wet touch.