Iceberg adventure

Hey everyone! If you follow me on twitter (like you should haha) you would know that I was out Iceberg hunting this morning! Man what a trip! It was gorgeous beyond imagination. Dad got a lend of his friend Keith’s boat (thanks Keith!) and we took a quick trip out around Fisherman’s Point and found a whopper of an Iceberg.

The Iceberg featured in this slideshow was a lot bigger then this, but if you look closely at the top edges you’ll notice how jagged the U shape is, that’s because it “foundered” early on this week. This one was floating around Battle Harbour for about a week now from what I can gather.

After we got some good shots, Dad asked if I wanted to go over to Battle Harbour, “We’re already half-way there!” he said. How could I possibly decline? 😉

Enjoy the photos, and by all means comment!

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