Month: June 2012

Iceberg adventure

Hey everyone! If you follow me on twitter (like you should haha) you would know that I was out Iceberg hunting this morning! Man what a trip! It was gorgeous beyond imagination. Dad got a lend of his friend Keith’s boat (thanks Keith!) and we took a quick trip out around Fisherman’s Point and found…

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Hot crow

I’m hoping that’s not a less-than-kosher saying in other parts of the world, I simply combined two things that I took notice to today; the heat and a crow. Though I can’t show you a picture of the heat, I’ve attached Ms. Crow.  It got up to 35’c here at one point today – for…

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Iceberg Alley

The following photos were taken from Fisherman’s Point in St. Lewis today. There are currently three Icebergs between here and Battle Harbour – just floatin’ along happily down Iceberg Alley. Look for more updated pictures soon, will be going out in boat within the next couple of days. M.

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Fat Kid Rules The World

Have you ever seen SLC Punk? How about Scream 2? There’s so many more incredible titles I could list, but the point of this story revolves around Matthew Lillard. I. Love. This. Man. Matthew Lillard is such a pure and real actor, he recently did an AMA on reddit which I followed with great interest. He’s…

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