I should be studying.

But instead I’m here delighting you with a poem I find magnificent. More consistent blogging after finals. Promise.

These Hips 

Some hips are made for bearing 
children, built like stools 
square and easy, right 
for the passage of birth. 

Others are built like mine. 
A child’s head might never pass 
but load me up with two-by-fours 
and watch me 

When the men carry sacks of concrete 
they hold them high, like boys. 
I bear mine low, like a girl 
on small, strong hips 
built for the birth 
of buildings. 

by Kate Braid

And here’s a picture of Luke being cute…for good measure. Lol.

Just around the bend

One week.

We have just one week of regular classes before exams start on April 18. Graduation is April 26. Labrador home-coming is April 27. I can hardly believe it.

All those times I cursed at stories and research papers are coming to an end. People will go back to their towns and cities and gradually we’ll forget about each other. I know this because of experience, this is my third go-around in college. The thing about friends though, is that even if you lose touch there’s always a little part of them that goes with you wherever you are.

I’m going to miss my chats with Carol the most probably. And laughing at Steph and Jess and their “Hmmm..yes..yes” chin-whisker grabs and jokes. I’ll miss James’ sneezes that give you a mini-stroke. I’ll miss Mitch’s PHANTASMAGORIUM! rants. Melanie’s seal laugh. Gage’s know it all attitude. Megan’s what-is-she-wearing-today cool outfits. Don’s “FUCKING ADOBE” and “Hello?” computer conversations. And of course, Lynn’s “not being attached” philosophies. But I won’t miss the smelly newsroom.

Yes, it’s all coming to an end soon. These past two years have brought me some highs and lows but I guess everything has turned out as it should, and the future will unfold as it should as well. My positivity is on the climb.

Good luck to everyone, wherever you end up. Just know you’ve left a small mark on me, and I’ll keep it close forever. Cheers!


I also will not miss people’s shitty parking skills. Thanks red car.