Month: March 2012

Epilepsy awareness day

Tomorrow is Epilepsy awareness day, or “Purple day.” Why do I care? As a child I had unpredictable seizures until it was found that fevers were what induced them. This scared my parents to no end. We had to pick up our family and move from our small fishing town to a larger center so…

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I do.

The new ring I wear on my ‘ring finger’ thanks to Jillian Hinchey, Silversmith from Napanee, Ontario. With this ring, I thee wed. Congratulations, blog, you’ve got me forever.

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Uranium. Think about it.

After hearing the news today that the Nunatsiavut Government has lifted its ban on Uranium mining operations in Labrador I was left with a sour taste in my mouth and a swish-swashing in my stomach that was not due to the flu virus I’m carrying. The following text is an exerpt from a paper I wrote…

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March break

Hey all. I’m officially on March ‘reading break’ now. No more school until March 12 🙂 Gives me time to work on my research paper (and do some shopping, pending tax return lol). Not much interesting has been going on lately. I hope to get out around and take some photos for you when I…

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