I was very suprised and pleased to hear that I won the NL Blogroll’s Blog of the Year in the personal/journal category. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; this blog is my baby.

Originally travellinginfinity had started out being a 365 project – a photo a day for a year. I didn’t get to post every day so that went down hill, but by posting as frequently as I could I found that I was getting more and more tied into the art of blogging.

Blogging is supposed to flow like a conversation. I’ve always been a fairly social person, I love hanging out with friends and chatting through emails – the thing I’m not as fond of though is phone calls.

It seems to me that when you’re on the phone you’re almost forced to talk and the awkward silences get even more awkward. Unfortunately my two close friends live about 10 hours drive from me so phone calls is all I have. It’s the same thing with my parents – they’re a good ten hours (including a ferry ride) away.

Despite that tangent, the point of my little rant was to say that this venue, Blogging, is where I feel most comfortable. If I could get paid to write consistently on a blog for the rest of my life that would be my dream.

Being a reporter is fun, you get to meet a lot of interesting people. Once you swallow your pride and prepare yourself to have a scattered embarrassing moment or slip up, and get into that ‘conversation’, then things will work out okay. I’m always apprehensive, but it’s a healthy apprehensive.

That’s it from me tonight. Thank you’s to all those who voted for travellinginfinity in the NL Blogroll contest.



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