27 years

Today marks my parents 27th wedding anniversary. There have been some ups and downs, to which I can certainly vouch for, and may have been the cause of…but I know my parents are glued for life. Here are some things I enjoy about my parents.

The way Dad says “Mudder, Mandy wants you” when I’m done talking to him on our regular phone chats.

The way Mom pulls herself together and manages to ignore Dads annoying habits.

The way I feel, and others feel, when walking through the porch door. No one is a stranger in moms and dads house.

The way Dad says he doesn’t like something mom cooks, but eats two and a half plates full anyway.

The way Mom gives presents and puts from “Mom and Dad” all the time.

The way Dad makes an effort to find me a present just from him.

The way Dad and Mom are both obsessed with “the Young and the Restless”. It’s pretty comical.

The way Dad makes sure absolutely everything is in working order on my car before he lets me travel anywhere.

The way Mom crochets and knits me hats, gloves and scarves every winter.

The way Dad seems more concerned and excited about getting mom a good Christmas gift these past few years.

The way Mom gets excited about finding something just right for Dad as a present.

The fact that, despite quarrels, they still sleep in the same bed every night and storm through indifference. I love you Mom and Dad.

4 thoughts on “27 years

  1. Thanks Mandy….. We love you too and you know as long as we can we will make everyday special just for you.
    Loves ya

  2. Mandy that is just beautiful πŸ™‚ I chuckled to myself as I read some of the statements you wrote and said “she’s right there!” or “that was spot on” LOL but all jokes aside, who better then their daughter to write something this special who knows their thoughts, feelings, likes and pet peeves πŸ™‚ Great job…and i’m sure your mom chuckled too when she was reading this …along with shedding a few tears I’m sure πŸ™‚

  3. You have it down pat Mandy,Congratulations on the award.I am so proud of you,you will always be our boony girl (won’t tell what this means or about anything with holes in it lol.)Loveyou.

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