I can’t think of a clever headline for this one.

I couldn’t really think up anything clever as a headline this time. I’m really tired tonight but I decided to post a little something anyway. I did some Christmas shopping in Corner Brook today – all finished! The last present I had to get was the final piece to Mom’s present. Now I’m done.

I had a moment in the mall today where I sat down on the bench and felt like a big loser. I wanted to get a nice shirt or dress or something to wear to the upcoming Christmas formal that the college puts off every year. I visited my usual store but everything was sold out. Walking around the mall, every clothing store had glistening dresses, beautiful purple and black silks.. everything I love. But they stop at size 16. I’m more then a size 16. I just had to take a moment.

That’s why the picture featured on this post is of me, I’m trying to gather up what enthusiasm I have left of myself and recognize that I’m pretty in my own kinda way and that I don’t need those dresses. I’m still taking that moment.

Say anything.

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