What would you call a cup of Tea?

It’s common knowledge to hear a cup of coffee called a cup of Joe; What do you call a cup of tea? just a random thought I had. I’m drinkin’ a freshly steeped cup now with some smooth caramelized honey.

I’ve been in this thought process for the last 90 minutes that blogging is super cool. I already knew this, but today I recieved the Huffington Post’s Complete Guide to Blogging  and I haven’t been able to put it down. Well, up until now, but that’s just because I was so excited about being able to freely express my thoughts that I just had to get up and do so!

The book starts off describing how the HuffPost made it’s way into the blogosphere, and then divulges itself into how you yourself can become a good blogger – giving tips on how to do so. It’s a good, easy read. It’s not dry material by any means, it’s got creative writing and provides spurts of humour and really keeps the reader engaged.

I’ve been following the Huffington Post on twitter, their feed is updated seemingly 10-20 times per hour, very much up-to-the-minute coverage. This is the type of lifestyle I want to have as a reporter, I want to be on the beat, of the beat, and make a nice niche for myself.

My ultimate goal, for a number of years now, has been to work for National Geographic. I’ve always been enchanted by the thought of being a full time nature photographer, but lately I’ve become more accustomed to being behind the screen – the screen of a laptop.

I wonder sometimes if every human goes through these types of stages. Creatively I was a painter and sketch artist all through grade school, and when that wasn’t fast enough for my liking I took up photography. Now, it seems, I’ve become accustomed to an even faster mode of ‘releasing the demons’: blogging. I think I’ve met my match. Instant gratification. The link between contributor and commentator fascinates me, there’s this whole new world of intimacy that I haven’t seen matched in day to day life. Ambient awareness  is the term, or so I’ve read.

I picture myself behind a desk, sipping a cup of non-caffinated Joe, starting all of my opinionated appendages off with “I wonder..” not unlike Miss Carrie Bradshaw. Hey, a girl can dream.


We do not all have to be artists, but our message should not go undelivered.
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