Out with the Tide

As a part of the Internet Journalism course I’m taking in my second year of J-school we have to make ‘professional’ blogs. I post a wide variety of things here on Travelling Infinity, and to be truthful, alternating my way of thought & type to make this blog strictly professional is something I’m not ready for.

Out with the Tide is a whole new blog project for me, I’m feeling slightly nervous about writing there. I have a fear that once I start writing there, using a whole new Twitter & Facebook profile to make myself more ‘presentable’ to prospective employers, that I’ll lose touch with the personality and tone that I use here for Travelling Infinity.

I’ll basically be posting on the Tide once a week, sharing my experiences with being a reporter in small town Newfoundland; the challenges, the accomplishments, and everything in between.

This is the .png that I made for the Gravatar accompanying my Tide blog.


Finally, a reminder about the 2011 Bloggers Choice Awards. As I mentioned before, I’m up for Blog of the Year in the Personal/Journal category. A kind thank you to all who have voted for me, and to those who continue to vote daily. If you haven’t voted, you can do so here. If you leave a comment anonymously I get one point. If you type in your name (you have to put your name in BEFORE you write “travelling infinity” in the box) I get five points. If you yourself have a blog, your vote (if you’re logged into the blog) will get me 10 points!

Thanks again. See you all again soon.


4 thoughts on “Out with the Tide

  1. Relax and be yourself. You’ll do great. I like your Gravatar; perhaps you can offer me some pointers on getting one together. I have some ideas, but I’m about as skilled with Photoshop as an elephant is with fine crystal. (Chances the elephant is better with the crystal!) I look forward to your chronicles.

  2. I’ll definitely help you out with the Gravatar. The newsroom has the same version of photoshop as I have so we can put one together no sweat 😉

  3. Wow, I’ve been really out of the loop for a while. I only just saw this post. Like Don said Mandy, you’ll do fine. Experimenting with different writing styles is always a good idea, I’m sure it’s going to be great. Also, good luck with the NL Blogger’s Choice.

  4. Hi Mandy. Sorry I don’t drop by as often as I used to, but I’m really happy you’re still blogging so consistently. This comment is mostly to say that I love “Out With The Tide” as the name of your new blog project. Good Stuff. Keep it up.

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