Shameless plug, Photo Club and Monster.

I have this theme of writing three completely unrelated things in my headlines. Well, they’re related in the way that those were three things that made my day.

Part 1: Shameless plug

I made it to the 2011 Bloggers Choice Awards (thank you, thank you!) The awards are based on a few things, such as how long your blog has been around for, and how often you post. Click the link for a more detailed look.

Needless to say I was SUPER surprised when I saw that on twitter this morning. I’m mostly excited because I consider this blog to be my baby. This blog is the one thing I’ve done in my life that I consider to be completely for myself. The content I put on here are things that are truly important to me and how I live my life. Getting to display that content to the world and know that others are reading is all the thanks I need. But if you do want to vote for me, I would really appreciate it.

Part 2: Photo Club

I attended my third photo club meeting tonight. We discussed our upcoming November show at the Arts & Culture centre, and tried to come to an agreement on a name. The crowd in the club are very diverse. Everyone was friendly towards me, and I even met a new friend, Delphine. We’re working with artist Lloyd Pretty, he knows a thing or two about creativity.

Part 3: Monster

This part of my day: not as enjoyable. I made a committment that after the last can of energy drink in my fridge was gone, no more. Today I drank that last can and it really made me feel ill. I adore the taste of Green Monster, but it really kills my brain. I’m stopping. This is my vow.

That’s all I have for tonight. I’d like to thank you, dear reader, for reading this blog entry and those you’ve read before. If you’re new, welcome to the show, I hope you tune in again.






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