And I missed it.

Was going to attend my first ever live concert tonight at CSLC 2011 but I missed it.  Our Journalism class is in Corner Brook covering the Student Leadership Conference for Canadian youth that’s happening at the Pepsi Centre. Tonight  Hey Rosetta! and Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case are playing. I was massively looking forward to that show, but yesterday morning I had to take the bus back to Stephenville because of sickness.

I spent a chunk of last night in Emerg waiting to be prescribed some penicillin. I’ve been through this too many times to count. Ear infection and swollen tonsils; I think it’s about time that I just have the damn things removed. Tonsils that is, lol.

I wish I could be out there with the class, but I’ve put up with this ear and throat pain for weeks now and the night before I left was the tipping point; probably the worst pain I’ve ever had in my ears. Life.

Here’s a couple pics from what I did get to take in while in Corner Brook.


This was where I stayed for most of the week. Beautiful place, gorgeous view.
Our class went on a tour of the CBC building in Corner Brook.

What would you call a cup of Tea?

It’s common knowledge to hear a cup of coffee called a cup of Joe; What do you call a cup of tea? just a random thought I had. I’m drinkin’ a freshly steeped cup now with some smooth caramelized honey.

I’ve been in this thought process for the last 90 minutes that blogging is super cool. I already knew this, but today I recieved the Huffington Post’s Complete Guide to Blogging  and I haven’t been able to put it down. Well, up until now, but that’s just because I was so excited about being able to freely express my thoughts that I just had to get up and do so!

The book starts off describing how the HuffPost made it’s way into the blogosphere, and then divulges itself into how you yourself can become a good blogger – giving tips on how to do so. It’s a good, easy read. It’s not dry material by any means, it’s got creative writing and provides spurts of humour and really keeps the reader engaged.

I’ve been following the Huffington Post on twitter, their feed is updated seemingly 10-20 times per hour, very much up-to-the-minute coverage. This is the type of lifestyle I want to have as a reporter, I want to be on the beat, of the beat, and make a nice niche for myself.

My ultimate goal, for a number of years now, has been to work for National Geographic. I’ve always been enchanted by the thought of being a full time nature photographer, but lately I’ve become more accustomed to being behind the screen – the screen of a laptop.

I wonder sometimes if every human goes through these types of stages. Creatively I was a painter and sketch artist all through grade school, and when that wasn’t fast enough for my liking I took up photography. Now, it seems, I’ve become accustomed to an even faster mode of ‘releasing the demons’: blogging. I think I’ve met my match. Instant gratification. The link between contributor and commentator fascinates me, there’s this whole new world of intimacy that I haven’t seen matched in day to day life. Ambient awareness  is the term, or so I’ve read.

I picture myself behind a desk, sipping a cup of non-caffinated Joe, starting all of my opinionated appendages off with “I wonder..” not unlike Miss Carrie Bradshaw. Hey, a girl can dream.


We do not all have to be artists, but our message should not go undelivered.

Out with the Tide

As a part of the Internet Journalism course I’m taking in my second year of J-school we have to make ‘professional’ blogs. I post a wide variety of things here on Travelling Infinity, and to be truthful, alternating my way of thought & type to make this blog strictly professional is something I’m not ready for.

Out with the Tide is a whole new blog project for me, I’m feeling slightly nervous about writing there. I have a fear that once I start writing there, using a whole new Twitter & Facebook profile to make myself more ‘presentable’ to prospective employers, that I’ll lose touch with the personality and tone that I use here for Travelling Infinity.

I’ll basically be posting on the Tide once a week, sharing my experiences with being a reporter in small town Newfoundland; the challenges, the accomplishments, and everything in between.

This is the .png that I made for the Gravatar accompanying my Tide blog.


Finally, a reminder about the 2011 Bloggers Choice Awards. As I mentioned before, I’m up for Blog of the Year in the Personal/Journal category. A kind thank you to all who have voted for me, and to those who continue to vote daily. If you haven’t voted, you can do so here. If you leave a comment anonymously I get one point. If you type in your name (you have to put your name in BEFORE you write “travelling infinity” in the box) I get five points. If you yourself have a blog, your vote (if you’re logged into the blog) will get me 10 points!

Thanks again. See you all again soon.


Shameless plug, Photo Club and Monster.

I have this theme of writing three completely unrelated things in my headlines. Well, they’re related in the way that those were three things that made my day.

Part 1: Shameless plug

I made it to the 2011 Bloggers Choice Awards (thank you, thank you!) The awards are based on a few things, such as how long your blog has been around for, and how often you post. Click the link for a more detailed look.

Needless to say I was SUPER surprised when I saw that on twitter this morning. I’m mostly excited because I consider this blog to be my baby. This blog is the one thing I’ve done in my life that I consider to be completely for myself. The content I put on here are things that are truly important to me and how I live my life. Getting to display that content to the world and know that others are reading is all the thanks I need. But if you do want to vote for me, I would really appreciate it.

Part 2: Photo Club

I attended my third photo club meeting tonight. We discussed our upcoming November show at the Arts & Culture centre, and tried to come to an agreement on a name. The crowd in the club are very diverse. Everyone was friendly towards me, and I even met a new friend, Delphine. We’re working with artist Lloyd Pretty, he knows a thing or two about creativity.

Part 3: Monster

This part of my day: not as enjoyable. I made a committment that after the last can of energy drink in my fridge was gone, no more. Today I drank that last can and it really made me feel ill. I adore the taste of Green Monster, but it really kills my brain. I’m stopping. This is my vow.

That’s all I have for tonight. I’d like to thank you, dear reader, for reading this blog entry and those you’ve read before. If you’re new, welcome to the show, I hope you tune in again.


Full Moon

This photo was taken August 20, 2005. At that time I had a Kodak EasyShare camera, 4.0 mega-pixels. So how did I get a detailed picture of the Moon? easy. I used a telescope that I had been given the previous Christmas. I just held (very steadily) the camera lens up to the eyepiece of the telescope, turned off the lcd screen, and took a number of photos until I got one I found jusssst right.

You don’t necessarily need a telephoto lens to mount on your camera as such, just an imagination and a steady hand. Try it sometime.