It’s August? already?

Where has the time gone? seriously. Back to school in a little over a month. Back to bitching and moaning about how much homework I have to do — so I guess I better enjoy this time off, eh?

Today was a civic holiday, no work for me today. I spent my time off watching a movie and visiting the beach. Picture to follow.

I have had this urge (for the past week) to start writing another short story. I haven’t written anything longer then 10 pages since I was 16. That was “Jester’s Story.” A story about a young woman (who happens to have been a punk rocker — that was a long phase of mine!) who lives with her father, an ex-chief firefighter who later takes his life. Jester, the main character, is always in a meloncholy mood, she works in a University mail room where she runs into Tylar, the much older business man in town to visit family. Jester also works at a music store where she also teaches guitar lessons. After things get serious with Tylar, they come across the decision of leaving town together, and also deciding if this is real love, because Jester thinks that Tylar only thinks of her as a child. That’s the short version.

Anyway, I’m going to go through some old writing books that I’ve filled out since high school. I’m gonna see if I can drum up some inspiration.





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