Month: August 2011


My Aunt and Uncle and their two kids came for a visit and stayed the night. This morning, after breakfast, I introduced them to the Crossing beach. Adam really enjoyed himself. It’s back to school for me really soon; one week from today. I’m going to be spending the next few days out enjoying myself…

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New beach

This photo was taken at a new beach, not the old faithful Stephenville Crossing beach you’re used to seeing. I’m not sure where this one is located exactly – It’s between Kippens and Port au Port, if anyone can provide a name for me that would be cool. It’s a really nice area, it’s partly…

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Bright green

Despite having a sore throat and what feels like an ear infection, I went to the beach today.  It was a warm 22’c and the breeze was just strong enough that I didn’t feel too warm. I forgot to mention last week that I bought a new camera. It’s a  Kodak point-and-shoot. 8x optical zoom.…

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Antique car show

This morning I went to Canadian Tire’s Antique car show. I got there early to avoid a big crowd, I didn’t want to capture tons of people putting their paws all over the pretty shiny cars, I just wanted the cars! My favorite car of all time was present, the 69 Chevy Nova SS. LOVE!…

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I have a lot of appreciation for editors now. I’ve been filling in for the editor of a paper in the area and man, it’s a time consuming job. SO much so, that I don’t have it in me to get on the computer for very long when I get home. Here’s a picture, I…

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First entries

I’ve added three poems to the Poetry page above. “Connected”, “Sounds of night in Stephenville Crossing” and “Untitled”. I’ve only gone through one small notebook so far, I’m pretty busy washing clothes and getting the housework done before my In-laws arrive tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the poems, leave some thoughts. M.  

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That’s a novel idea.

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve added two pages to this blog — short stories & poetry. I always wanted to do something further with the material that I’ve written since graduating high school. I have two short stories, both under 20 pages, and I have a vast arrangement of poetry. During…

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Things I took for granted

Not going to list all of them because sadly that would take a while. Just the one. BEACH time. It’s pathetic that I’ve only been working for two weeks and I was sooooo eager to get to the beach today. This was actually the only spot not taken up by people. I didn’t care that…

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One Fifth Avenue

Even though I posted just a few days ago it seems like forever since I’ve been on this blog. I have a job now at a newspaper until I begin second year Journalism. I’ve been on the mac all day so I’m not entirely thrilled about being on the computer again now that I’m home.…

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It’s August? already?

Where has the time gone? seriously. Back to school in a little over a month. Back to bitching and moaning about how much homework I have to do — so I guess I better enjoy this time off, eh? Today was a civic holiday, no work for me today. I spent my time off watching…

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