2 thoughts on “New watermarks

  1. Honestly, the first doesn’t “do it” for me. The second watermark, however, I LOVE. Very, very cool, and very professional looking.
    My only suggestion, and this is just my opinion, is to maybe remove just a couple birds from the right, after “Travelling Infinity”. Less is more sort of thing. The idea is great though. Really impressed.

    I don’t particularly care for watermarks all that much, (someone is going to be able to take and use a photo if they really want) but I follow this photographer you should check out, and after following him for about a year, it almost became a game as to where he put his watermarks on his photos.

    Check this out: http://www.zarias.com/south-70-press-promo-cd-packaging-shoot/
    Look for his watermark “Used Film”. He places it in his photos in the least distracting (and most fun) ways. For example, check out the chair in the first photo.

    Good job on the watermark!

  2. Thanks for the tips, Howard! I took a look at that link, I had trouble finding some of the watermarks, very clever. I’m constantly making new ones, I wanted to incorporate crows without a doubt — I will try the second one again with a couple crows taken out, I get what you’re saying about less is more.

    There’ll be a few more new ones coming up in the days to come, just got to get out and take some new snaps!

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