Promises, promises

No this isn’t a blog about politics, provincial or federal. This is a post about the endless occasions where I make promises to myself each time I go for a walk, promises that I’m going to change my life.

I switched to whole grain bread with flax seed two weeks ago. I had my last can of soda today. I walked to the END of the beach, as far as the DANGER sign, like I promised myself I would do months ago. But I’m not making promises.

My chest feels kinda funny, like I can’t breathe in deep enough. I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow, results from the many vials of blood that were taken from me. I hope it’s all good, I know I’m definately not taking any more prescription drugs – I don’t care what he has to say.

I’m going to go spend the last of the daylight hours with the hubby, perhaps watch a movie. Here’s a photo.

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