I (really do) love lamp!

Seriously. I got another lamp today, Trading Post buy, $12.10. I got some spray paint from Canadian Tire and all intentions were that this lamp would turn out all yellow. Well that changed.

On the way home (it was SUCH a nice day) I stopped at the beach. I thought, “Hmm.. while I’m here and no one else is, why not paint my lamp here? I have a garbage bag to put it on, no harm – no foul?” so that’s what I did. Well. I got sand on the lamp – duh, it’s a beach Mandy! – and ended up taking it home half dried, on the back seat of my car, on top of said garbage bag.

Once I got home I peeled the garbage bag off, yes, it was pretty stuck on. I thought all hope was lost that this beauty of a find would get a classy new coat.

Now- what I’m about to show you may shock you – but I love it. I decided to give it the old vintage go ahead and sanded it down some. When I look at this lamp I’m reminded of the old wooden block and tackle my grandfather used to use to haul his boats up with. It was yellow and VERY weather beaten. I like it, those I’ve shown so far have, a) laughed at it; b) called it ‘interesting’, hahaha, and c) said; “you should put that in the room somewhere..”

I don’t care. I love it.

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