This is my 91st blog post, and it’s almost been one full year since my very first one. What does this mean? it means that it was not in fact a 365 blog like I intended it to be, but I do believe it turned out pretty good.

Jeez I can’t believe it’s the second of June already:| Where did the time go?

I plan on starting a project tomorrow, I’m going to paint two old brass lamps that I got from my Mom – a nice Ocean Blue color. I found a cool how-to guide online for it, although I’m not going to get as adventurous as this person did.. I’m getting a Debbie Travis shades haha.

Other then that, I’m going on the job hunt again tomorrow. I’ve applied for a number of places, but I think there’s a lot of competition around here because there aren’t that many jobs to go around for part-time workers and students. I just need something for the summer! please!!

So, I don’t have much else to say. Here’s a photo.

One thought on “91st

  1. I am so impressed, now that i know how, i will be leaving comments. Good luck with the job search, and the craft project. please post pics after.
    Love you. CONGRATS on you 91st blog,keep up the great work. Love you.

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