This is my 91st blog post, and it’s almost been one full year since my very first one. What does this mean? it means that it was not in fact a 365 blog like I intended it to be, but I do believe it turned out pretty good.

Jeez I can’t believe it’s the second of June already:| Where did the time go?

I plan on starting a project tomorrow, I’m going to paint two old brass lamps that I got from my Mom – a nice Ocean Blue color. I found a cool how-to guide online for it, although I’m not going to get as adventurous as this person did.. I’m getting a Debbie Travis shades haha.

Other then that, I’m going on the job hunt again tomorrow. I’ve applied for a number of places, but I think there’s a lot of competition around here because there aren’t that many jobs to go around for part-time workers and students. I just need something for the summer! please!!

So, I don’t have much else to say. Here’s a photo.

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