Month: June 2011

New watermarks

Here’s two samples of the new watermarks I made. This picture was taken last year (I think?). I was going to use a new photo but I never got out tonight after all. We won’t go there.

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It will soon be July

Today was a fairly productive day, with the mopping, the cooking, the washing, the shopping, the bargaining and whatnot. I decided to sit back and relax tonight. I have a candle lit, some incense. I have this piece of paper stuck on my wall by my computer screen, it says, ” You can do it.” Sometimes,…

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Promises, promises

No this isn’t a blog about politics, provincial or federal. This is a post about the endless occasions where I make promises to myself each time I go for a walk, promises that I’m going to change my life. I switched to whole grain bread with flax seed two weeks ago. I had my last…

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Today is Father’s day. My dad is back in my hometown of St. Lewis, where I wish I could be today.  I won’t get a chance to get home again until August. Every time I go home everything is the same (just the way I like it) and it feels like I never left. This…

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I (really do) love lamp!

Seriously. I got another lamp today, Trading Post buy, $12.10. I got some spray paint from Canadian Tire and all intentions were that this lamp would turn out all yellow. Well that changed. On the way home (it was SUCH a nice day) I stopped at the beach. I thought, “Hmm.. while I’m here and…

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Poole and Molnar

My friend Jess has gone back to her hometown in Ottawa for the summer so I’m left with just memories and pictures until September. lol Here’s something I made today featuring film pics of our last trip to the beach.

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I love lamp

Another recreation from me. Revamped the light with some metallic Krylon spray paint and a Debbie Travis shade. I also picked up this old desk for ten bucks at a Doctor’s office closing down sale, I sanded it down a bit and gave it a little more character. Love!

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Not much to say today, busy doing laundry and getting the house cleaned. Here’s a project that I did yesterday. It’s a handmade driftwood necklace/jewelery holder.

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This is my 91st blog post, and it’s almost been one full year since my very first one. What does this mean? it means that it was not in fact a 365 blog like I intended it to be, but I do believe it turned out pretty good. Jeez I can’t believe it’s the second…

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