Almost at the 1000 hits mark! this is amazing! Thank you all for paying attention to my blog – I really wish that I could update more frequently but as a Journalism student, my time is precious, and between school-housework-sleeping and eating, I don’t have much time for the Internet.

Just some quick notes:

The second edition of our Troubadour newspaper has hit the press and we will begin distribution (hopefully) on Thursday.

Our last radio show of the year with CHUG 740 will air at 3:30PM on April 4th. Please tune in if you’re in the Stephenville area.

Anywho, my car isn’t working very well lately so I have to leave now and go pick up Aaron from work (because his car isn’t working at all!).

I leave you with a picture that I ‘made?’ recently. Photo credit to Eva Luther of St. Lewis. Quote, self explanitory.

This is my hometown of St. Lewis, Labrador. My house, along with the Frankie’s Cove area of town, is missing from the photo.

Say anything.

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