I almost broke my camera

Stephanie and I were supposed to film the community breakfast gathering at the Lion’s club today, that didn’t happen. Things went awry from the very beginning of my leaving the Crossing.

First, I had no gas. I had to wait for Aaron to leave for work at 10 (leaving me an hour late for shooting). Then we got there and Stephanie’s car wouldn’t start. Then she went to call a cab and a lady I recognized from yesterdays Lion’s club meet told me in the lobby that the event had been cancelled.


So there I was, stuck in school on a morning that I had been praying to just be able to sleep in. We had no project to do. I had no money or way to get back home. It was roughly 10:20 a.m.

We messed around in the editing suite with yesterdays video until about 11:30 and we just couldn’t bare to look at the screen anymore, we were both pissed and tired. We went to the Caf for dinner.

As I was walking towards the table my camera bag slipped out of my hands. *crash*BOOM*bang*.

I didn’t think much of it, it had a lot of padding, it wasn’t tooooo bad of a fall.

1:15ish, in the newsroom, I decide I want to take some pictures of Jon’s antiques he brought in for a photoshoot. I open my camera bag to find the lens cap jammed ever so tightly to the lens itself, and my camera sounds kiiinda like a baby’s rattle.

Tears commence.

I calmed down a little and managed to pry the lens cap off my camera, ruining a good portion of the lens’ thread. Glass flies everywhere. (fingers are still a little itchy)

I find out that the only thing that actually broke was the UV filter that I had screwed on my lens, I’m not even moderately upset that this is smashed d’jesus, I am actually quite estatic. No one could explain with words HOW FRICKING HAPPY I was when I discovered that the glass shards that had spewed all over my desk were only the UV filter.

If it had been the lens glass broken? My god. It would be like someone dropping their baby and discovering that they had caused their arm to break. That bad.

After I cleaned out all the glass from the camera, the desk, and the keyboard that no one obviously ever cleaned as it deposited about a hundred eyelashes on to the paper towel (UGH), I was a happy camper.

Here are a few pics that I took after the fact.

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