Hell on high heels

Yes, that’s a Motley Crue song.

I bought these shoes today,  could have quite possibly just bought them cuz I had a photo idea in my head (hey, it’s a nine dollar prop, so shoot me!)

Anyways, tomorrow marks my first day back to school in a total of 5 days. I’m actually anticipating it, getting back to ‘reality’ as it is. I was sick for 3 solid days, only to recover fully today – Sunday.  First thing I have to do is get my ass in gear and work on a video project for Broadcast class.

Here’s some visual aids. Check ya later.






2 responses to “Hell on high heels”

  1. sednaphotography

    Like all these, Mandy, particularly the nail polish photo. Very nice. Something very cool about it.

  2. This is what I was talking about in my post. 😛 The girl buys some new heels not because of the female gene that drives them to the store and compels them to keep buying new shoes…. you bought them for a photo idea. As I said Mandy, you’re going to go far kid 😛

    I also kind’ve want to point out the hilarity of this post considering what we know now. You were out for 5 days, and eager to get back to class on the first day since I’ve been in CNA that classes were basically all cancelled due to weather. 😛

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