Month: January 2011

Sweet and Sour Valentine

I did an interview tonight with Anastacia Hopkins, the president of the Bay Theatre group here in Stephenville. In the coming weeks, Feb 12 to be exact, the Bay Theatre will be putting on a new show titled “A Sweet and Sour Valentine”. “The show is not just meant for the lovey-dovey couples, it’s really…

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Come on get happy

Occasionally I’ll flip through the enormity of pictures on my external hard drive and find a picture that makes me go “ohhhh, why didn’t I notice this one before?” This picture says that, and more. I was feeling particularly shitty today but I decided to say the two words that rarely dominate my mind.. “fuck…

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My very first published story in a Newspaper. This is the Troubadour magazine/newspaper that circulates around Newfoundland and Labrador’s highschools, colleges, hospitals, government buildings & more! Keep an eye out for it. I’m page 23 🙂

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Snow day

Seems an appropriate title for such a gloriously white, free from school, nothing to do – type day. Here’s some snaps. Check ya later. M.

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Hell on high heels

Yes, that’s a Motley Crue song. I bought these shoes today,  could have quite possibly just bought them cuz I had a photo idea in my head (hey, it’s a nine dollar prop, so shoot me!) Anyways, tomorrow marks my first day back to school in a total of 5 days. I’m actually anticipating it, getting…

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Pursuit of happiness

My cousin/friend Sabrina introduced me to Lissie the other day, Pursuit of Happiness has got to be the best thing I’ve heard so far this year; I don’t predict anything’s going to beat it. In other music news, one of my favorite folk/alt-rock artists, Ryan Adams, has made a METAL record. Yes, metal. It’s not that…

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Twenty five

It’s my birthday today, big ol’ 25. My classmates gave me a nice card with all their sig’s on it, and some great cookies. My good friend Jess gave me a tiny digital camera on a keychain, Savannah made me an awesome video, and Aaron gave me season 3 of Big Bang Theory (yesss!) and…

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Land, Sea and Sky

Bills are paid, rent is paid, groceries are bought, registration is done, flu is improving … life is on the right track. I say that with some hesitation, I’m looking out for you karma. I received a present in the mail from my BFF Savannah today as well, a sterling silver pendant of a Triskele.…

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