College day

Our class and every other class in the D.S.B. Fowlow Building (as far as I can tell) had College Day today. Basically C.D. is for high school students, all day we were promoting the Journalism class and trying to convince them that this is what they want to do when they graduate. Were we successful? who knows, I guess we’ll see next year.

After that was over we were let out from classes early. It was a beautiful sunny day for once, so we headed down around the Port au Port/Cape St. George loop. What a gorgeous spot out there, every little town along the way has it’s own kind of charm. I especially liked Piccadilly for whatever reason lol.

Here’s a couple pics from the drive.

2 thoughts on “College day

  1. Really like the photo of the highway. It looks like it could be from anywhere, and hardly seems like Newfieland at all! I like how the shading in the window affect the colours. Nice.

  2. I actually took that picture holding my sunglasses in front of the lens.. it has this nice sort of purple gradient to it. I have another as well looking out over the ocean, not nearly as nice though 🙂

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