Mumford and Sons

I haven’t done any research on this band so I can’t say whether or not they’re new, but I heard this song for the first time today and instantly fell in love. This song is called “Little Lion Man“. I actually downloaded the entire album shortly after hearing it, such a great band.

I’ve been busy with school work, which I have to get back to again tomorrow, but right now I’m going to bed super early and try to get a good sleep. Lots has been happening this weekend, after calling my grandmother (haven’t talked to her in almost 2 weeks) I discovered that there was some family trouble brewing that I had no idea about. I’ll put that on my ‘to do’ pile, and bid you goodnight. Here’s a self-portrait, I haven’t taken one of these in a very long time.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend.

P.S. I’ll be posting the link to my Colleges online radiostation next week, yours truly is the news director 🙂





2 responses to “Mumford and Sons”

  1. Hey Mandy,

    Exciting stuff about the radiostation, way to take things on!
    Mumford and Sons – I’m not sure how long the band has been around either, but I first heard that song about two months ago (?) on Altnation on Sirius Satelite Radio, and think it’s an awesome song! It’s the only thing I’ve heard from them, so I just assumed the band was fairly new. New album at least.

    So the album was pretty good? Same style of music throughout?

    Take care,


  2. The album is amazing! Yes, same style throughout. Another great song from the album is “White Blank Page.” I seem to be addicted that one, lol.

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