My assignment over the weekend for our College Newspaper ‘the Troubadour‘ is to find and interview a ‘streeter’. A streeter is a random person on the street or anywhere really, that you go up to and ask a simple question or opinion, and put it in the paper. Simple really, you just have to ask their name and where they’re from, and convince them that yes, they really would look good on newsprint.

Unfortunately, due to certain standards and rights I can’t actually put any information about my streeter, or his picture, on here. I will however tell you that it is more difficult then it seems to approach a stranger and basically be the paparazzi. Afterwords however, it’s easy. Actually, it kind of feels like Halloween.. you know you’re scared to death to ring that first door bell with fear of rejection “get on you’, you’re too old, you’re not gettin’ any candy!!” (not from experience…….)*gulp*. But then after that one, it’s pretty much a piece of cake.

Here’s a picture that doesn’t have anything to do with what I was talking about. This pic was taken in 2006, this is my bedroom back in St. Lewis. At the time I was just getting ready to move to Corner Brook for a year. As soon as I saw this picture I remembered what it felt like to lay snuggled up in bed with my bear George (whom an ex never did return..) listening to Galaxie Rock Alternative in the am. I often miss those days.

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