Classes have started and I’m just starting to get comfortable. I’ve already learned so much, and am looking forward to the days ahead. In my Photojournalism class, my professor Fred introduced me to Rodchenko. I have never even heard the name until now, and shamefully so. Alexander Rodchenko paved the way for such creative capture techniques such as ‘birds eye view’, ‘worms eye view’, and the ‘dynamic close up’.  Just google him, click images, and I guarantee you will be amazed. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from him,

“One has to take several different shots of a subject, from different points of view and in different situations, as if one examined it in the round rather than looked through the same key-hole again and again.”

& you know, that’s very true. It’s so plain and ordinary to a portrait of someone sitting on a chair looking debonair, but like Fred (prof) displayed, why not jump up on the table in front of that chair and get them to look up? the world is so much different when you learn to play around and let loose. I knew some of these things before the course, but everything feels that much more real now.

I have some reading to do tonight, and some phonecalls to catch up with, so with Rodchenkos captive ways in mind, here’s some snaps from tonight-

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