Mumford and Sons

I haven’t done any research on this band so I can’t say whether or not they’re new, but I heard this song for the first time today and instantly fell in love. This song is called “Little Lion Man“. I actually downloaded the entire album shortly after hearing it, such a great band.

I’ve been busy with school work, which I have to get back to again tomorrow, but right now I’m going to bed super early and try to get a good sleep. Lots has been happening this weekend, after calling my grandmother (haven’t talked to her in almost 2 weeks) I discovered that there was some family trouble brewing that I had no idea about. I’ll put that on my ‘to do’ pile, and bid you goodnight. Here’s a self-portrait, I haven’t taken one of these in a very long time.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend.

P.S. I’ll be posting the link to my Colleges online radiostation next week, yours truly is the news director 🙂

Take back the Night

I have never been more proud to be a woman then I am right now.
I just got back from the “Take back the Night” rally & march. It’s a womens rally that fights ‘violence against women’. I went at first to do work for the paper I’m writing, I didn’t intend on staying because I wasn’t feeling very well. Once I got there and talked to the leader of the group I felt like it was something I would regret not doing later.

As I was marching down main street amongst the crowd of about 45-50 women, the cops were in front of us with their lights and sirens on, the rain was pouring down my face, people were singing… I have never felt more alive. I think I cried the whole way down main. It just made me feel so alive, like I was doing something that was going to be important to me for years to come!

If you ever get the chance to do something like this, you have to go for it.. you would not believe how good it makes you feel to know that you are standing up for all the women who can’t stand up for themselves or are afraid to.. you’re saying, “yes, you can fight back, there are people who will support you, I’m one of those people.”

I talked to a number of women down there who told me their story of what the walk meant to them, and honestly, theres no harm in saying that ‘everyone has a story, everyone has SOMEthing’.. there are so many women from so many different walks of life who feel the same but are just afraid to speak. I’m going to keep going to these things, and get involved everywhere I can.

I am so glad I am a Journalist.


My assignment over the weekend for our College Newspaper ‘the Troubadour‘ is to find and interview a ‘streeter’. A streeter is a random person on the street or anywhere really, that you go up to and ask a simple question or opinion, and put it in the paper. Simple really, you just have to ask their name and where they’re from, and convince them that yes, they really would look good on newsprint.

Unfortunately, due to certain standards and rights I can’t actually put any information about my streeter, or his picture, on here. I will however tell you that it is more difficult then it seems to approach a stranger and basically be the paparazzi. Afterwords however, it’s easy. Actually, it kind of feels like Halloween.. you know you’re scared to death to ring that first door bell with fear of rejection “get on you’, you’re too old, you’re not gettin’ any candy!!” (not from experience…….)*gulp*. But then after that one, it’s pretty much a piece of cake.

Here’s a picture that doesn’t have anything to do with what I was talking about. This pic was taken in 2006, this is my bedroom back in St. Lewis. At the time I was just getting ready to move to Corner Brook for a year. As soon as I saw this picture I remembered what it felt like to lay snuggled up in bed with my bear George (whom an ex never did return..) listening to Galaxie Rock Alternative in the am. I often miss those days.


One good thing about my school schedule is that I get out early on Fridays, 2:30pm actually. This afternoon after some quick prep, Aaron and I took a drive out towards the Port au Port Peninsula. We stopped in Boswarlos for a few pictures, it’s kind of a ghost town now, but quite beautiful.

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂


Classes have started and I’m just starting to get comfortable. I’ve already learned so much, and am looking forward to the days ahead. In my Photojournalism class, my professor Fred introduced me to Rodchenko. I have never even heard the name until now, and shamefully so. Alexander Rodchenko paved the way for such creative capture techniques such as ‘birds eye view’, ‘worms eye view’, and the ‘dynamic close up’.  Just google him, click images, and I guarantee you will be amazed. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from him,

“One has to take several different shots of a subject, from different points of view and in different situations, as if one examined it in the round rather than looked through the same key-hole again and again.”

& you know, that’s very true. It’s so plain and ordinary to a portrait of someone sitting on a chair looking debonair, but like Fred (prof) displayed, why not jump up on the table in front of that chair and get them to look up? the world is so much different when you learn to play around and let loose. I knew some of these things before the course, but everything feels that much more real now.

I have some reading to do tonight, and some phonecalls to catch up with, so with Rodchenkos captive ways in mind, here’s some snaps from tonight-