It’s too DARK!

Ha ha, I found myself saying that A LOT tonight when Howard Haby & I went on a little photo excursion. The original plan was to assist Howard with his photographing of a local musician, but that didn’t quite pan out. After a short wait, we decided to take a few snaps up around C-side.. not much point in wasting a nice evening right? besides the mosquitoes really did need to be fed.

Turns out I have quite a bit to learn when it comes to flash photography, and photography in general. I get by, but my skills need some fine tuning. It was kind of embarassing to have someone tell you what to do all the time, but hey, that’s what learning is like and so be it. It was all good fun anyway! I’d do it again.

I got some good pictures, a couple of them are pretty random but I was trying out some different lenses and light schemes and these are my favorites out of what I took tonight. Thanks for the opportunity Howard, if I ever learn to do anything better then you can with a camera I have the right to gloat! I felt like a fifth grader tonight lol!

Bonne nuit!

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