Kingdom of Cardboard

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? ever wonder if anyone really cares at all when they ask that question? I do. I do meaning I do wonder, and I do care.

I’ve been packing up my life today, well, about 8 boxes of it so far. Narrowing down the things that we really won’t be needing for the next two weeks and shipping it up the coast with my Dad. My dad has actually been in Goose Bay for a little over a week now for work, and we’ve had the pleasure of his company every night for supper. It’s nice to feel like you’re playing host to your parents instead of the other way around. Maturity- i has it.

Haha šŸ˜› Okay, so I’ve got two sites for you to check out. One I’ve been following for years now, it’s pretty much just a bunch of silly cat pictures with hilarious captions. Some of them are ‘omg my sides are hurting! i can’t breathe! honey grab me a paper bag!!’ type funny, some aren’t. Be prepared!

i can has cheezeburger!

Also, a second site IĀ recommendĀ is something I stumbled across just a few minutes ago, it’s a website called nlphotogs, and apparently it’s a majorly resourceful place for photographers in this province. It has a lot of great links and opportunities, and because of the blog portion I found out that HENRYS, yes, henrys! is coming to St. John’s NL. VERY excited about this! Anyways, here’s the site..


Well, thats pretty much my beef for the day. I’ve posted an older picture, me and my dad some 22 years ago.

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