It can’t happen to me..

This weekend Aaron and I went to the North West River Beach Festival. One of my favorite country singers headlined the show, Charlie Major. Typically, I don’t really like country music, but growing up my Dad and I wore out several cassettes of Charlie Major, so he is important to me because he allowed my dad and I to really bond. We would make numerous trips around the bay in boat listening to his “the Other Side” album, and fortunately for me, most of his songs last night were from that album. I was SUPER excited, I even got my picture taken with him. *school girl giggle*.

Anyways, here’s one shot from the show that I really liked. Hope everyone is having/had a good weekend, I’ll try to blog more later. Oh, and by the way, Stephenville is in full swing- I have been funded by the gov’t (HRLE) for my first year of education!! Things are looking up, wayyy up šŸ™‚

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