The loss of blood, and appearance of bruises

Well, that’s a little harsh. I had to get a couple of rounds of blood work done today and I have a few bruises. I made it sound like a nightmare, which it wasn’t because I have no fear of needles (thus the ever expanding tattoo collection).

I think (know) that I may have been misleading about this whole 365 project I have undertaken. Truth is, most days my mind just draws a complete blank and I’m thankful to just be getting through it. I also know that I sound like a drama queen most of the time, which I confess, I can be. However, I think I’m going to change my platform of ideas about this blog, and not look at it as a 365 blunder, but as a simple picture-story complex. No deadlines, just freedom of creativity.

In other news, the stress level has been slowly declining. I still have a few things to get out of the way, but the outlook is good for moving. We’re going to be spending a week between my parents house and Aaron’s grandparents house on the South Coast. I have a wedding to shoot on the 21st and then we set sail for Stephenville on the 22nd. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about the week from the 15-21, it can’t come fast enough.

Well I feel as if I’ve blabbed on enough so here’s a couple pictures I took this evening of some wildflowers down by the Churchill River causeway, as well as a float plane down by the dock.

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