Homeless in Stephenville

It’s hot. I’m irritated, and it’s hot. Do you ever have those days, like me, where it seems every little thing gets to you? Today is that day. Recently we were told that the house we were supposed to be renting in Stephenville Crossing is now going to be occupied by someone else (current renters) until Christmas. This means we have no home after August 15 when we’re set to leave. I’ve made call after call to everyone I could think of looking for a place for us to stay but it was a complete failure.

I have family in Stephenville who are looking for us, friends from Corner Brook, and I even went so far as getting in contact with the radio show “Open line” to see if I could spark some debate about housing in the area, AND contacted the mayor of Stephenville. I like to get sh!t done. Unfortunately, nothing has become of any of it. We’re still homeless and bummed out.

I haven’t prayed to god since I was a child, but lately, he’s like my best friend. That on top of some serious health issues lately I’m pretty much at my wits end. This is why i’m infrequent with the blogging. I know this entry seems like something I should be writing in a diary, to keep private, but hey- I’m going to be a Journalist, and secrecy and Journalism aren’t the best of friends.

Here’s a quirky little picture I came up with today. After I jazzed it up a bit in lightroom it reminded me (for whatever reason??) of the ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’ CD by the Smashing Pumpkins. If your familiar with the band/CD, do you see it too or am I just gone completely mad? Anyways, I’m out for today.  Stay cool everyone.

2 thoughts on “Homeless in Stephenville

  1. Mandy, sorry to hear about your crappy luck. Have you contacted the college? Lots of times they have a list of apartments and such around town and can probably help you out.

  2. Yes, I have the list (have had it for a few months now) and have exhausted it more then one time. We got in contact with ONE person who MIGHT have something, but won’t know until the first or second week of August :S

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