Orient this!

Luke and Carly are finally starting to get along. Sort of. Now most of the time when Carly walks up to Luke and licks his side she just gets ‘the look’ instead of a smack in the face. They also went to sleep moderately close to one another today, and ate dinner together..picture to follow.

I received my orientation schedule for College today and came with it a twinge of excitement. I’m more eager then ever to leave this sandbox. I don’t know how many times I read over my schedule and the rules and regulations. I feel like a kid again, preparing for senior high, wondering about what the cool kids are gonna be wearing. But instead of thinking about who’s wearing what or dating who, I’m thinking about a fantangly new camera that I’m going to be purchasing to do my photography courses. Assuming I get funding, we get alloted 1200.00 for supplies for the first year of the program, and supposedly part of the supply list is an SLR. I think I’m going to get a Nikon this time around.

It’s been super hot here lately (yesterday it got up to 38’c! nuts!) and today is a bit cooler, but it came with rain and well.. gloomy-ness. But it doesn’t knock the fact that today is FRIIIday, and I’m feeling happy. Have a great weekend everyone!

Civilized.. at last!
I’m ready to go, just say when.
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