We decided that Luke needed a friend to hang out with while I was in school and Aaron was at work/school. That friend’s name is Carly.  We had wanted to get a feline friend for Luke a while ago but not until we saw the kittens at the SPCA did we decide for sure. Carly looks almost identical to Luke, when they sit beside one another it’s almost like she’s a miniature version of him, Luke’s own little mini-me. Did I mention he loathes her?

We have Carly for a trial period for now, just fostering. Hopefully with a little more time Luke will learn to love her, but if not, then we would need to bring her back. It’s not fair to Luke, and certainly not fair to her for being bullied all the time. For now we just have to monitor them, each of them has their own beds and necessities.. Carly loves her tent, Luke took over my leather recliner lol. Here’s some snaps of the little bugger!





One response to “Meeeow”

  1. sednaphotography

    Nice!! Congratulations on the new addition, hopefully it all works out.

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