Whatever floats your boat

Nothing particularly amazing to post today, just got back from a walk/jog up on C-side with Aaron. It was nice outside tonight, despite the flies. We drove to the dock for a look afterwords and low-and-behold, the Northern Ranger was in. This boat was the only mode of transportation out of my hometown of St. Lewis up until 2003. Needless to say I made a good many trips back and forth the coastline on her. Funny how we refer to things as being either male or female right? thats a whole different topic however.

The second picture is my puddy cat Luke. He’s a little grumpy today because he got into a fight with another cat. Though most pictures he tends to ignore my camera lens, so this is nothing unusual lol.

Well it’s Friday so I’m going to kick back and enjoy this Pina Colada and watch a movie. Cheers!

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