Our home & native land

You know what’s awesome? CANADA is!! I LOVE this country, ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’ should be our slogan methinks. Canada is seriously the only country I would want to live in. Sure I want to travel pretty much everywhere worth travelling, but to really settle down it would have to be in Canada.

Here’s a small taste of my fireworks pictures from the Canada Day celebrations held today. I suffered a good many fly bites getting these so someone better appreciate them 😛





2 responses to “Our home & native land”

  1. sednaphotography

    Very nice work on these, Mandy. Me like.

  2. Thanks!! this is actually the very first time I’ve been able to get good ones. I feel like I had more experience this time around, and all the reading up I’ve been doing paid off this time lol.

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