Melt my vintage heart

Aaron and I hit up the local yard sales this morning, after hitting the snooze button for the third time we figured now was as good a time as any to take off.  I’m really glad we did, because I came across a number of great finds. As a photographer, finding a decent frame, one that you KNOW will work well with your picture, is often a daunting task. I found six. Yes, six. SO happy. They’re more modern then most, the frames are wooden, but they’re wide and the actual slot for the picture with glass is 4×4, and then some are 5×7. All of them are either black, or white. I plan on filling them with really colorful photos to add contrast.

I also found some vintage jewellery. Does anyone remember the time when Owls were the thing? I know it was at my Aunts time..haha..I remember she let that fad linger for a long time. No offense to any of my readers who also partook in this owl stage of life.

Anyways, I’ve attached a couple pictures of todays finds, next Saturday is when we have OUR yard sale. Yep, getting rid of the furniture this time, moving day is lingering near. YES!

When everything makes sense

On occasion, at random points during the day (sometimes it’s only one point every few weeks) I get these moments of pure happiness. Similar to what Saint Teresa would call “locutions” or, words from the supernatural that enter your mind spontaneously. I’m having one of those days where, though everything is not right and at ease, it sort of feels that way.

I’m sitting here with my bowl of raspberry & blueberry yogurt, sipping some ice cold water, and entirely devoting myself to becoming a better, healthier person. I have to change a lot of things in my life, I know that now. Today is a good day to start.

I picked up some new literature today, it’s a novel called “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I started reading it about 20 minutes ago and already I’m on page 56. It’s really opening my eyes, like a new pair of glasses when your vision was at a standstill for wearing the same pair 2 years in a row.

Is it coincidence that I picked up this life changing book when I was at the drugstore today? Would I have been this euphoric had I purchased the book last week when I noticed it there? who knows. I actually saw the advertisement for the movie a while ago and decided that I HAD to read the book. You know the story is always better on paper.

It can’t happen to me..

This weekend Aaron and I went to the North West River Beach Festival. One of my favorite country singers headlined the show, Charlie Major. Typically, I don’t really like country music, but growing up my Dad and I wore out several cassettes of Charlie Major, so he is important to me because he allowed my dad and I to really bond. We would make numerous trips around the bay in boat listening to his “the Other Side” album, and fortunately for me, most of his songs last night were from that album. I was SUPER excited, I even got my picture taken with him. *school girl giggle*.

Anyways, here’s one shot from the show that I really liked. Hope everyone is having/had a good weekend, I’ll try to blog more later. Oh, and by the way, Stephenville is in full swing- I have been funded by the gov’t (HRLE) for my first year of education!! Things are looking up, wayyy up 🙂

The loss of blood, and appearance of bruises

Well, that’s a little harsh. I had to get a couple of rounds of blood work done today and I have a few bruises. I made it sound like a nightmare, which it wasn’t because I have no fear of needles (thus the ever expanding tattoo collection).

I think (know) that I may have been misleading about this whole 365 project I have undertaken. Truth is, most days my mind just draws a complete blank and I’m thankful to just be getting through it. I also know that I sound like a drama queen most of the time, which I confess, I can be. However, I think I’m going to change my platform of ideas about this blog, and not look at it as a 365 blunder, but as a simple picture-story complex. No deadlines, just freedom of creativity.

In other news, the stress level has been slowly declining. I still have a few things to get out of the way, but the outlook is good for moving. We’re going to be spending a week between my parents house and Aaron’s grandparents house on the South Coast. I have a wedding to shoot on the 21st and then we set sail for Stephenville on the 22nd. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about the week from the 15-21, it can’t come fast enough.

Well I feel as if I’ve blabbed on enough so here’s a couple pictures I took this evening of some wildflowers down by the Churchill River causeway, as well as a float plane down by the dock.

Sea of no cares

I set my boat out on a sea of no cares today. We finally FINALLY have an apartment. The damage deposit has already been paid so no one can take this away from us. It’s just had complete renovations done on it, everything’s new, price is good, and it’s only about 10 min walk from the college. We are happy with it.

Speaking of boats, here’s a picture from this afternoon. Nothing too special, just a little blog filler. Happy Friday!