Made up

Anyone that knows me knows I’m not really a ‘girly-girl.’ After all, I spent my entire childhood outdoors playing with Barbie’s in a DITCH with a BOY and sailing boats! Matt and I called it “Baywatch Barbie”. I grew up helping my dad fix any and all types of engines in his shed, which is probably what drove me to study Automotive Service Tech and work with GM for a year and a half. But that part of my life is over. It’s still a big big interest, especially when I hear a nice clean cut, powerful exhaust system speed by me up the road, or when I see all of these jacked up monstrosities trying to pass for street worthy, all I can say is “ur doin it wrong.”

Anyway, more to the point of my story! Though I am fonder of wearing coveralls and being under the hood of a car then I am walking a catwalk, one thing I do have in common with the female population is the love of makeup. It looks good, it smells GREAT, feels soft and smooth, and makes you feel more…sexy. The main aspect of a well made face is the eye shadow, which is my very favourite part. I also happen to be good at applying it!

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