Fly away from here

So I’ve already discovered these blogs will not be coming every day, and won’t always have photographs in them. However, that being said, still feel free to come back and check the place out because when I do get around to it, you know it’s gonna be magic.

Yesterday Aaron and I headed down to the dock to feed the birds.. like we usually do when we find stale bread in the refrigerator. After they had eaten they lined up along the edge of the dock and continued to make those classic gull noises. I caught this cute couple as they had finished their serenade.

Hope everyone’s having a great week. Happy Hump day.

2 thoughts on “Fly away from here

  1. Yay!! So glad you’re doing a blog! And I hope everything works out in your journalism pursuit. Great idea for stale bread by the way. And nice photo. I like to watch the gulls and project some type of intelligence on them, but then I realize everything in their mind is pretty much based on “how can I get that food” and survival.

  2. Ha ha, yeah that’s pretty much all they think about. Every time I see them fighting I think about Finding Nemo.. if you’ve watched it you will know what part I’m talking about! lol

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