Made up

Anyone that knows me knows I’m not really a ‘girly-girl.’ After all, I spent my entire childhood outdoors playing with Barbie’s in a DITCH with a BOY and sailing boats! Matt and I called it “Baywatch Barbie”. I grew up helping my dad fix any and all types of engines in his shed, which is probably what drove me to study Automotive Service Tech and work with GM for a year and a half. But that part of my life is over. It’s still a big big interest, especially when I hear a nice clean cut, powerful exhaust system speed by me up the road, or when I see all of these jacked up monstrosities trying to pass for street worthy, all I can say is “ur doin it wrong.”

Anyway, more to the point of my story! Though I am fonder of wearing coveralls and being under the hood of a car then I am walking a catwalk, one thing I do have in common with the female population is the love of makeup. It looks good, it smells GREAT, feels soft and smooth, and makes you feel more…sexy. The main aspect of a well made face is the eye shadow, which is my very favourite part. I also happen to be good at applying it!

Print me, baby, One more time!

I did two things today I haven’t done in a while. One, I made a mixed CD. I haven’t even listened to any music for what seems like decades, but today I decided I would give it another go and came up with such a mingling of tunes it would make a normal persons head spin. There’s everything from Apocalyptica, Slash, and Dropkick Murphy’s, to a more slow, sustained type sound like Cowboy Junkies and Patty Giffin.

The second thing I did today that I don’t normally do was go out and make a big purchase. Granted, it wasn’t really a ‘big’ purchase because I only paid forty dollars for it, but if I had paid the original price tag then one could consider it a big purchase. I bought a new photo printer today, it is what I like to call “saxual” LOL. It’s sleek, a combination of glossy and matte finish black and silver. It has all the bells and whistles, a scanner, card slots, 3″ LCD screen, on board controls, seperate paper trays for specific photo sizes.. I just love it! Lucky for me I’m a nerd and spend too much time on the computer and noticed someone from town was trying to get rid of it, I gallantly went over on my horse and picked it up. My horse being an old Cavy that is.

Anyhow, I’m about to run downtown and pick up some pizza for supper, here’s a couple snaps of my printer. Happy Sunday!

Tree hugger

Look at me! I’m actually following through and working on my blog. *proud*

Today wasn’t much of a day in the grand scheme of things, but I did manage to get out and take a few snaps. I went from my neighborhood in MOT to the dock, to C-side, base, then down in the valley (I think I went to the valley twice?) and couldn’t find anything that spoke to me as if to say “shoot me, I will change your life.” So I ended up with a self portrait, a smack in the face for mother nature, and a weed from my back yard lol.

Just hold in there, the writing mightn’t be much of anything, but the pictures speak for themselves. It’s Friday, so I’m going to go and finish up this Ice Capp and probably put on a movie. Have a great weekend everyone, I’ll probably see you again tomorrow.

So what do you think, did I make detective?
They’re doing some ‘yard work’ up on base right now, I’m assuming that they’re replanting this.. if not, I’ll be pissed!
Pretty in small doses.

How it all started

This is an early post today, I got inspired while I was looking through my archive of photos. I do that from time to time. These next 3 photos are a few of my absolute favorites (that I’ve taken personally). But there’s something I want to tell you first.

I started taking photographs digitally for the first time in 2004 when I went to work as a Youth Coordinator. I had just gotten out of high school and was ready to take on the world, unfortunately, that wasn’t really the case. I had enrolled in the Visual Arts program at Bay St. George campus in Stephenville (ironically enough, that’s where I’m heading now!).

So I went to S’ville, checked out the place where I was to live, and the school,  got cold feet and came back home within the week. I struggled with depression for most of the fall, feeling like a complete failure until I had the opportunity to work at the local youth center. It was not what I had pictured my life to be, but it was money, and I needed that in order to live there.

I purchased my first camera, a Kodak EasyShare CX6445 because of that job, and I can’t really say that I regret any of it because of where I am in my life today. No doubt looking back now, all the tough times I experienced as a teenager shaped how I ended up (not too bad, if I do say so myself). Being creative throughout my childhood and into adult hood drove me to the career choice I’m venturing into, and this time, it finally feels right.

Without further a due, here are 3 of my favorites.

As a teen I never really fit in (or wanted to!) with the ‘in crowd’ so I spent all my time at the beach just down from my house.
This was taken one night some time ago when I had ventured to the beach with Kimo, I stood in the center of the graveyard to get this shot.
In my opinion, summertime is always a time for leisure and fun, and boy did Joder and I ever have fun when we were .. “not so concerned with what others thought” – type age.

Fly away from here

So I’ve already discovered these blogs will not be coming every day, and won’t always have photographs in them. However, that being said, still feel free to come back and check the place out because when I do get around to it, you know it’s gonna be magic.

Yesterday Aaron and I headed down to the dock to feed the birds.. like we usually do when we find stale bread in the refrigerator. After they had eaten they lined up along the edge of the dock and continued to make those classic gull noises. I caught this cute couple as they had finished their serenade.

Hope everyone’s having a great week. Happy Hump day.